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How do you want life in your garden to be?

Are you looking for quiet contemplation, somewhere to relax over a cup of tea, a glass of wine or to read the paper?

Do you want to grow your own herbs and vegetables? Perhaps you’d like somewhere for children to play and grow.

Building a garden is an opportunity to reflect on what is important to you. We can then incorporate that into your garden’s design.

How do you want to feel as you enter the front gate?

What do you want to experience in your garden?
What do you want it to provide for you physically, mentally, and socially?

Who else is important to you and what do they want and need?


Beginning the process

You may have a particular “look and feel” in mind.  You may have several and can’t choose – some ideas may even seem conflicting. Or, you may have no pre-conceived ideas at all.
No matter where you are up to – that’s where we’ll start.

As your garden / landscape designer, I will bring your particular desires together and offer more ideas and possibilities to create a beautiful garden designed to give you the greatest pleasure.  After all, that’s what a garden is for.

If you’re finding it difficult to see beyond the garden you already have, or you struggle to visualize off a plan, don’t worry, I can help you with that.

If you’d like to find out more, contact me, Steve Hailstone at Hailstone Garden Design via my details below.


Contact me, Steve Hailstone via
Or phone (+ 61) 418 822 212

For more information:
About Steve Hailstone gives my background and influences.

Niwajiri, my garden gives an in-depth look at my approach to garden design through the example of our own garden “Niwajiri”.

Portfolio has pictures from gardens Steve Hailstone has designed over many years.